"Cara is Cara Delevingne, Kate is Kate Moss. People are just saying that because she is the same height as Kate, but there is only going to be one Kate Moss. Kate is an icon."

— Naomi Campbell (via elitistfashionista)

"Never complain. Never explain."

— Kate Moss  (via wondermilkybitch-es)


"When I first met Kate, she was in a show and she was crying backstage because they had only given her one dress for the show. And I said to her you know, there is a difference between perfume and cologne, with perfume you put one drop, and it lasts for a week, but with cologne you have to put a spray every 15 minutes because it disappears. I said to her: you are a perfume and you will be here forever."

— Mario Testino on Kate Moss 

"Apparently she’s the new me. Whatever."

— Kate Moss on Cara Delevingne (via elitistfashionista)